The Anscoflex and Anscoflex II Cameras:

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Marcy's Anscoflex Camera Review:

Designed by Raymond Loewy (the same guy who designed the Studebaker Avanti & Lucky Strike cigarette package), the Anscoflex & Anscoflex II cameras have big, fabulously bright viewfinders.

The big, bright viewfinder being used in a darkened room. The red button unlatches the back.

Check out the manner in which this camera opens. Sliding the front guard up reveals the lenses and the viewfinder simultaneously.


The Anscoflex II has two built-in filters, one yellow, one close-up. Only one filter can be used at a time. The Anscoflex not only has that cool slide open panel thingy, it's got a nifty film advance crank. Instead of turning the knob, you twist the knob back and forth. Sort of like revving an engine, or something. The camera's kind of chunky, but it grows on you real, real fast. Gray metal & 1960's lawn-chair-aluminum, the camera's got a nice little heft to it, though it's not at all heavy. The shutter button and back door button are red. A red that matches those colored aluminum retro tumblers that are so hot on eBay right now. Takes 12, 6x6 images and you gotta use 620 spools.

The photos below were taken with the II :

Here, I used the II's built-in close-up filter.


McKeown's PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CAMERAS 2001-2002 states, "Anscoflex, Anscoflex II - c1954. All metal 6x6cm reflex-style camera designed by Raymond Loewy. Gray & silver color. Front door slides up and opens finder hood. Model II has closeup lens and yellow filter built in and controlled by knobs on the front. Europe: $25-40. USA: $12-20."

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