Marcy's Argus DC1510 digital camera review:

Simply delectable plastic. Lighter and smaller than a bar of soap, this digital camera costs $15 at Wal-Mart and I highly recommend it! The only difference between the Argus 1510 digital camera and the Argus 1515 (which is what they're marketing now) is that the 1515 doesn't come with batteries. 3 triple A's, to be exact. And they last forever (reason being; the camera has absolutely no features). You can take 20 "high resolution" pictures before you need to head for your computer tower. No memory card here ... gotta download when the chip is full. The camera claims it'll do 80 "low resolution" photos between downloads, but check the images below. "Low resolution" is pretty much worthless. But it's $15, for cryin' out loud! What were you expecting?!? The 1510 also functions as a PC cam. Hey! This camera can make silent movies! Are we back to the dark ages, or what? I made this really funny movie of my dog. But it's, like, really long ... and a huge file, since I didn't realize that it'll just keep recording until you tell it not to record anymore. I won't bother to post it, since you'll never be able to download the thing.

This is funny: The camera comes with a certificate that expounds upon the history of Argus. They're proud to be "An American Tradition Since 1936". The camera has a sticker on it that says "Made in China." The DC1510 has no flash, no place to connect a flash, no tripod mount ... but it does have a self timer option.

Most importantly, my camera is blue, but I see that it also is available in purple.

Click on any image for a [not much] larger view (all but one of these images were taken in the "high resolution" mode) :

My mom, exiting a candy store, having just rung up my dad's credit card another $25.


This and the image at right; Store front windows, taken at night.

No need to thumbnail. This is full size when the camera is set to low resolution.



A chainsaw carving mural.

Skillful censorship. Totally cracks me up!


For these bee photos, I held a close-up diopter to the front of the DC1510's lens.


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