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Marcy's Argus 21 Camera Review:

It's been said that many professional photographers cut their photographic teeth using an Argus camera. Well, I broke a nail once. This particular Argus 21 came to me via eF**. From the moment I laid eyes on him, I knew he wanted to party! He was busting out of his conservative black leatherette. He'd been in the closet (literally) for way too long and was ready to stand up and be noticed! I'd found this fabulous fluorescent pink vinyl at JoAnn Fabrics. Why is it that, while they're cutting your fabric, they always ask, "What are you making?" I simply answered, "Pants."

He no longer wants to be called Mark Finder. She wants you to call her Michelle.

The lens is removable. With a "b" setting and shutter speeds from 10 - 200, I found the Model 21 ... I mean, Michelle... easy to use. EXCEPT for the fact that you gotta wind that little film advance knob. You wind and wind and wind ... and it's kinda small and hard to grasp. Then, when the roll is finished, you gotta wind and wind and wind the rewind knob.

Mine came with a leather case, about which the instruction manual states, "The Argus Model 21 carrying case is made of the finest quality saddle leather, beautifully stitched and tailored to the camera for a perfect fit. You'll be proud to carry your Model 21 in it. An Argus carrying case protects your camera from hard knocks ..."

The Model 21 in his more conservative days. (Taken from the instruction manual.)

Love the graphics.

I used tungsten slide film with a warming filter that didn't quite fit. I think that explains the vignette. Then, my cat licked the emulsion.

Most recently, Michelle visited our local chainsaw carving contest.

The theme for Westport's festival is nautical and you have to carve your sculpture out of one big chunk of wood. I found this chain to be pretty darn impressive.


Jimi ain't nautical, but he's cool.

A unique use of wood knots.

Outside the studio. A poor man's (girl's) hot tub.

Barbie, dipped in concrete.


McKeown's PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CAMERAS 2001-2002 states, "Argus 21 (Markfinder) - 1947 - 52. A reincarnation of the A3 body style, with interchangeable lenses and a bright frame finder. Cintar f3.5/50mm coated lens. $25-40."

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