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Marcy's Argus Genie Camera Review:

For the life-a me, I can't get the correct red on the image, above. It's stop sign red. Annoyingly lightweight, the Argus Genie camera is made completely of plastic. It's got a hot shoe, built in lens cover and the coolest braided, beaded, strap. The rewind knob feels as if it's going to snap off at any time. Next to the lens opening it says "35mm". I'm assuming this is the focal length of the lens, since it's wider angle than other 35's 50mm lenses. I think the lens is about f8. I hooked the Genie up to the studio lights and got some shots.

I found this camera in one of those junk camera bins at a Salvation Army store. Is it just me, or do others do this as well? It seems that those camera bins are chock full of plastic cameras with their built in lens covers left open. I always close the lens covers. Maybe it's a show of respect? Though I can't say that I respect many of them. Karma. That's it.


That camera shake is way tricky to overcome. Here's the end of our road though ... this particular spot wasn't the end of our road until about two weeks ago when the highest tides ever sent waves crashing into the neighborhood.





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