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Marcy's Babette Camera Review:

With a name like Babette I knew she'd be loose. I sealed her up good and tight with black electrical tape. Even so, the light leaks were many and profuse. Completely plastic with fake, stamped-on leatherette the color of a lime green slushee. She's one hot little number.

"Actual size of the picture", like, they're proud of that.

I touched her and her little cheesy plastic strap fell off. The Babette camera gives 16 images on 127 size roll film.

I don't know what part of her optical lens is optically inclined.

Whoa! Oh my G...  oh wait!. I know what that is. It's wood. Drift wood.

Love how it made the white tip of my dog's tail look like a pompom. That is my dog. Okay... you can see it if you relax your eyes. See it? She's coming right at you.

Garden trellis.

A lovely beach scene.

I know it looks like a pile of puke, but it's driftwood ... I think.



McKeown's PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CAMERAS 2001-2002 states, "Babette - Hong Kong novelty camera for 127 film. Also sold with the 'Bazooka' name as a chewing gum premium. Various colors. $1-10."

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