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Marcy's Beirette KB135 review:

    The Beirette "beroquick" KB135...a camera so sweet it makes your teeth hurt. I got it from a guy in Germany. He sent it to me with something that I sent him that didn't work and he had to send it back. Now, wasn't that sweet? Decided to take it with me to the county fair. A little bit o' wrist candy.

    The Beirette has settings for cloudy, partly cloudy, partly sunny and sunny, with stops in between. These animated settings correspond with the fstops shown on the side of the lens. Same thing with the shutter speeds. To change the shutter speeds, you move a dial around the lens. The shutter speed dial is also the ISO dial (ASA and DIN in this case, since it's an older camera). So, say, you set the film speed at 125 and the lens to sunny. If you look at the bottom of the ring it'll show you that you've selected 125th @ (almost) f22. Sounds kinda fast to me...but that's just me. The camera body has got a hot shoe, but I haven't even used it.

    This is also a camera where you need to set the focus. And don't forget that the thing reads in meters. Let's says it goes from 0.6 meters to infinity. f2.8 - f22 ...  "B" to 125th ...pretty darn versatile! It even came with a shiny little hard case and a strap!

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Eating the decorations.


This is Bob. He installed my high speed cable internet. Coincidentally, he also works at the race track where I ran into him while I was trying to photograph through the chain link fence.


My fair display.

I always seem to photograph Whack-a-Mole so I decided to try something else.


The people in this one kind of remind of that episode of the X-files where all of the believers were gathered on that bridge? Remember? I miss the X-Files.


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