Marcy's Cool Girls Camera Review:

    Spotted an auction lot of these cameras on eBay's "wholesale lots". The lot included five camera kits.  The lot was going for some cheap, ungodly amount. That, coupled with the fact that eBay and alcohol don't mix ...well, couldn't pass it up.

    After a week's worth of restless nights that included a string of nightmares featuring my inadequacy... flash to sidebar: This dream made me laugh when the memory of it popped into my head on the way to post office ... Out of the blue I was suddenly photographing a wedding. No preparation. Nothing. The wedding was in some sort of old performance hall. I was in complete darkness. There was a stage and the bride was on it, in the spotlight. (I know, weird. The bride was out before the groom?) As I headed toward the stage I felt my gear and I instinctively switched on the switches on my Nikon 8008s and SB24 flash. Nearing the stage, I suddenly realized I had lost my flash! The fact that I never use flash during the vows didn't matter in this dream. Okay... I turned back to re-trace my steps. Got back to my gear bag which had morphed into a cardboard box! Rifling through it... Oh My God! It was a recreation of the worst box of camera garbage in the tackiest of thrift stores! Polaroid flash attachments... I distinctly recall gray vinyl cases with snap closures that contained fold out flash reflectors. I thought, "This is it? This is what I brought?!"  I'll spare you from the rest. But that part was amusing, after the fact.

    The cameras arrive and all are new in their boxes.

What comes in the box.

The camera with adaptor and disk.

A disk. One ( or six) of these could be coming to a cardboard box in a tacky thrift store near you.

    The idea is, you attach this little adapter to the front of the camera. You can snap one of the six little disks into it. These disks have designs and sayings that vignette onto the negative. Sayings like, "Cool Girls", "Happy Holidays", "#1" (I took a lot of pictures of my dog peeing with this vignette attached to the camera),  "Happy Birthday", "Congratulations". The last disk has a trippin' 70's style design that says "WOW!" Just when you thought I was going to go into a wild spittle-spewing frenzy of praise for this plastic wonder, I'll tell you... the camera leaves a lot to be desired.

The camera is made of quality orange plastic and has a built-in flash. There's also a built-in lens cover and you can't release the shutter unless the cover is open. The farthest setting turns the flash on. It works as well as any plastic crappy camera, until you attach the adaptor and disks to it. My suggestion is; get in close and always use the flash.

Without the disk and adaptor the camera can function normally.

This image was taken at the same distance as the image on the left. Only difference, the image on the left was sans adapter.


Very scary.

Lab rats. Very cool girls!


My favorite image taken with the Cool Girls camera. Broken Christmas cookies. Looks like a Christmas ornament, huh?

Did you notice? The exposure is very uneven on the disk vignette.

The camera body gives us no indication from whence it came. The outside of the box however states "Made in China for Avon Products, Inc. Dist." Ha! "A very cool Avon exclusive! Now you can personalize any photo right while you're taking the picture! This groovy camera comes with six interchangeable lenses [lenses?] that create 'message frames' around the image..." yada yada yada. Oh. And there's a tacky vinyl photo album included in this ensemble. Whoo-hoo! .

35mm film. One double A battery.

As Bobby Sherman once said, "Easy come. Easy go." ...

Discovered during the writing of this "review": Both "adapter" and "adaptor" are recognized as correct spelling by Webster's.

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