Fex 4.5

Marcy's FEX 4.5 camera review:

Well, this camera is really a ... well... it's kind of a .... well, it's pretty much a pile of junk. This particular camera isn't a broken piece of junk, it's just the design leaves a lot to be desired. It's got this clunky Bakelite body with silver paint on the top. There is a rectangular metal telescoping front. McKeown's says it was built in France. It accepts 120 film. The format can go from 6x6 to 6x9 by folding or unfolding the hinged masks at the focal plane. There are two windows on the back with a rotating arrow. You use one or the other window, depending upon whether you have the flanges engaged or not. My film roll kept coming out of alignment, so I experienced some trouble advancing film. I truly cannot remember if I focused the lens or not in the following images. I do like the funky edge.

Click on any image for a larger view:

HJ in the studio.


Time setting.

What happens when you don't telescope the lens.

We took it fishing.


Fex Sux.

I tried to Fex it.

Are you vexed by the Fex?

I'm in quite a Fex.

I'm Fexin' to sell it.

The rear windows.

The film masks.


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