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Marcy's Kodak Flashfun Camera:

I purchased this camera at the Old Church Antiques in Grayland, WA. It had film in it, which is always a draw for me. I have no idea why. Why do old men always drive with their mouths hanging open? Just a known fact. It's an absolute given that I'll buy just about any camera with exposed film in it. Any camera within my budget, that is. The Flashfun is incredibly cute. I didn't put another roll through it though. In fact, I sent it on to a new home. A good home. I checked first.

The camera takes 12 images on 127 film. Turns out, I recognized the lady who owns the antique shop where I bought the camera. She's the second from the right in the group photos. Who knew? I plan to drop the photos off at her shop.

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But wait ... there's more ...

The Flashfun II

The Flashfun comes in ... I'll call it "pumpkin" and cream. The Flashfun II comes in olive. Both accept 127 film. I can't see much of a difference except in color and styling. They're the same camera. The film recommendations, which are stamped on the back, differ slightly.

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