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Marcy's gaf Ansco 127 Review:

127 film (hence the name), 12 exposures. No "b" setting...nothing really except a flash attachment. The flash also fits the Ansco 127 Readyflash (pictured at the bottom of the page.) McKeown's doesn't say much other than they're probably from around 1965.

Took this one for a spin about the neighborhood. Went over to my friend Erika's place where I wanted to do some pinhole shots of her fireworks wrapper wallpaper. They offered me beer, but I couldn't accept it since I was going to aerobics that night and didn't want to show up with a belly full of brew. Also, we all know alcohol is the devil's lubricant. We've come to the conclusion, though, that my Pintoid shots would have been much better had I imbibed. But these shots came from this camera, and they aren't too bad. I used some ancient Verichrome Pan film that'd been hanging out in the freezer for a number of years.

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Attack of the killer ants!


Erika's trailer.




A series of my dog, eating barnacles. The photo above was a double exposure.

The white junk around the edges is just tape I used to tape the film onto the scanner. I'm just too lazy to remove it.

The gaf Ansco's brother, the Ansco 127 Readyflash. Complete with b&w and color setting dial & Anscar lens!

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