Introducing the Gala Collection!

Forget boring, black-bodied photo gear. The Gala collection is stylish and functional:

Lightbox Gallery Gala box camera:

Gala Edition Argus C3:


The Gala Edition cameras have been refinished using only the finest of glass beads, rhinestones, and numerous found objects.

Click on any image for a larger view:

The latest additions:






I still have a few finishing touches to add. Mainly, I need to repaint the autographic door and the sides of the bed - gloss black.



Brownie Hawkeye Gala!


The Hawkeye Gala Edition ... in elegant shades of charcoal and slate. Shimmering, like an evening gown. (SOLD)

Replete with sportsfinder tiara.

The Beehive box camera


I used a sculpture medium to build up the sides before applying the glass beads.

Little bees are everywhere.


Though it doesn't really look it here, this camera is reminiscent of a 1920's headstone.

James Surprenant took this photo of the Hancock Building in Boston. View the actual photo.

The photo inspired the camera.


Found the perfect bracelet (at Nordstrom's) to use as a handle.


The Sweater Camera Gala Edition:

It once was a Kodak 616 box camera. I call it the Sweater Camera because the glass bead design was inspired by a corny sweater my mother-in-law once gave to me. Don't worry. She doesn't have a computer...she'll never see this.

The back of the Sweater Camera. When the camera arrived, one viewfinder mirror was missing, but I managed to scavenge another mirror from a Nikon F3. Perfect fit! This camera is still missing one piece of glass.

The Rule of Thirds Box Camera:


Special thanks go to Robert McGraw for his kind donation of the above two box cameras for Galafication!

The Univex A Gala Edition!

A size comparison: The Univex a and the Autographic 3a.

The Kodak Autographic 3a Gala Edition:

In honor of Halloween, here's the All Hallow's Box Camera:

Was a Kodak 120 box camera. The beads are copper and amber.

A truly royal Ansco Readyset Royal:

The rubies, topaz and garnets? Well... they're fake.

The fabric has an iridescence to it.

The SNQ's box camera:

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The front view.

The left side.

The rear view.

The right side....I'm partial to the left.

It began life as a Conley Kewpie. Now, it's an SNQP. Say it out loud and you'll get it. Shimmering glass beads and a tiara sports finder complete the ensemble.

Ansco Ready Flash:

Click on any image for a larger view:


Also check out the Gala Nikon F3!

Baby Brownie Special:

Found the perfect gift box at a yard sale!

The HIT Tiara:

It's a functional (if there is such a thing) HIT type camera.


The Perfex 55 Gala Edition...complete with tiara sportsfinder!


The SNQ's 35mm: (It was a Time / Life type plastic 35.)

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Silver fabric, too many rhinestones and a hot glue gun ...

Been sniffin' too much glue.

Gala Edition pinhole cameras on the Hole-inder page.

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