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I'm giddy with excitement! I just moved the JSC to a new space! This site definitely is showing its age but then, aren't we all? The conjoined site had surgery to remove parasitic twins. You're going to find a lot of broken links here for a while, since this ain't my paying job, it's got to go a little low on the priority list.

I just got a Kellogg's Frosted Flakes camera & I'm sure you'll want to keep an eye for updates on that! I've been wanting to shoot a wedding with strictly junk cameras and pinholes. Imagine showing up with Tony The Tiger...


Where once, only one site existed, there are now three....because the world needs more sites. 

The brand new and polished

 and the clean and tidy

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It's not the photographer. It's the camera.

Click on any camera to see a review:    

MicroPet1101.jpg.jpg (169810 bytes) spycamkeychain.jpg (68538 bytes)

110 clip-on shoot out!

Action Camera

Agfa A-8 Cadet

AgfaChief.jpg (20961 bytes)

Agfa Chief Camera

Agfa Click-I

Agfa Isolette Camera


Ansco 127 Ready Flash

Ansco Clipper Review

Ansco Clipper Camera

Ansco Dollar Camera

Ansco Lancer

Ansco Panda Review

Ansco Panda Camera

Ansco Pioneer Review

Ansco Pioneer Camera



Ansco Rediflex Review

Ansco Rediflex Camera

AnscoShurShot.jpg (56138 bytes)

Ansco Shur Shot Camera

Anscoflex Camera

The Arghole

Argoflex75.jpg (18495 bytes)

Argoflex Seventy-five


Argoflex E


Argus 1510


Argus 126


Argus 21


Argus 520

ArgusCameras.jpg (31891 bytes)

Argus C3's


Argus a-four

Argus Genie

Argus Lady Carefree

Matchmatic.jpg (38836 bytes)

Argus Match Matic


Barbie Camera Review

Barbie Cameras


BabyBrownie.jpg (19296 bytes)

Baby Brownie Special

beacon.jpg (35858 bytes)

Beacon Camera

beauta.jpg (28251 bytes)

Beauta Camera

Bedfordflex Review

Bedfordflex Camera

Beirette KB135




BeselerPinHole.jpg (14488 bytes)

Beseler Pinhole Camera


birdseye.jpg (79987 bytes)

Birdseye Camera


brownie2.jpg (25503 bytes)

Brownie No.2 Model A




Brownie127.jpg (27312 bytes)

Brownie 127 Camera

BrownieFlash620.jpg (19519 bytes)

Brownie Flash 620

Buckeye Camera

Bullet Review

Bullet Camera

Canon FT QL



Cool Girls

Cruiser63.jpg (128265 bytes)

Cruiser 63 Camera

DecoraDigna1.jpg (51368 bytes)

Dacora Digna

Diana Review

Diana Cameras

Dover620A.jpg (66243 bytes)

Dover 620-A Camera


Empire Baby Review

Empire Baby Camera

Encore Deluxe Review

Encore Deluxe Camera

evansbox.jpg (53661 bytes)

Evans Box Camera

Falcon Miniature Deluxe Review

Falcon Miniature Deluxe

Fisher Price Cameras

FlashMaster2.jpg (104577 bytes)



Foto-Flex Review

Foto-Flex Camera

Fry Cam

Holiday Review

Kodak Holiday Brownie

gaf Ansco 127

cubex4.jpg (127268 bytes)

Imperial Cubex IV

ImperialDebonair.jpg (23813 bytes)

Imperial Debonair


ImperialMarkXII.jpg (32916 bytes)

Imperial Mark XII

mark27.jpg (107826 bytes)

Imperial Mark 27

Imperial Reflex Review

Imperial Reflex

Imperial620.jpg (37655 bytes)

Imperial  Six-Twenty

x45.jpg.jpg (97304 bytes)

Instamatic X-45 Camera

kodak804.jpg (28647 bytes)

Instamatic 804 Camera


jemjr.jpg (31864 bytes)

Jem Jr. Camera

Jimmy Neutron

kewpie.jpg (69632 bytes)

Kewpie No. 2


Keystone Everflash 10

King's Lights

Kodak Box Review

Kodak Box



flashfun.jpg (71152 bytes)

Kodak Flashfun 

Kodak Instamatic 44

Motormatic35.jpg (102760 bytes)

Kodak Motormatic 35

KodakPonyIV.jpg (84960 bytes)

Kodak Pony IV

rio400.jpg (92783 bytes)

Kodak RIO-400

Lubitel 166 U



MekaiPlastic1.jpg (73203 bytes)

Meikai Crappy

meikai.jpg (78408 bytes)

Meikai EL Camera

Mercury 127 Review

Mercury Satellite

MiniSpyCam.jpg (43644 bytes)

Mini Camera

Minox B


Nettar Review

Nettar Camera

NoNameBox1.jpg (37417 bytes)

No-Name Box Camera

Little Bastard Review

Norton Camera

Paint Can Camera

PennyKing.jpg (108049 bytes)

Penny King Camera

Perfex55Front.jpg (159186 bytes)

Perfex Fifty Five


Petri FT 1000


Photocraft.jpg (19040 bytes)

Photo-Craft Camera

Photo Master Review

Photomaster Camera

Pickwik Review

Pickwik Camera



Pokemon Camera

Porst happy

Prince Flex Review

Prince Flex "Camera"

ProCameraE.jpg (16007 bytes)

Pro Camera E

Reader's Digest

Crappy 35's Review

Really Crappy 35mm's


Reflex 1

Reliance Camera

Revere Eye-matic

Rocket Camera Review

Rocket Camera


Rollei35SE6.jpg (140671 bytes)

Rollei 35SE Camera


RolleiTLR.jpg (31626 bytes)

Rollei Magic Camera



Rolls Camera


rover.jpg (35457 bytes)

Rover Camera


scenex.jpg (55711 bytes)

Scene X Camera


Slam Cam


sliponcamera.jpg (90579 bytes)

Slip-On Camera


Smena 8M



Spartus Rocket Camera


Special Moments




sunbeam.jpg (33264 bytes)

Sunbeam Six-Twenty


Real Toy Cameras Review

Squirt Gun Cameras


SX-70 Review

Polaroid SX-70 Camera



Thunderbird Camera


time.jpg (57102 bytes)

Time Camera


TowerCamera.jpg (34480 bytes)

Tower Camera


Traid Fotron


Transparent Camera


Traveler 120 Review

Traveler 120 Camera



uniflex2.jpg (41443 bytes)

Uniflex II Camera


UnivexIris.jpg (112723 bytes)

Univex Iris Deluxe


Univex Uniflash


USCameraAuto.jpg (31843 bytes)

US Camera Corp. Camera


Victoria's Secret


vistaii.jpg (59292 bytes)

Vista II Panoramic



VoigtlanderVitoret.jpg (15170 bytes)

Voigtländer Vitoret 110


Wardette 120



YashicaElectro1.jpg (84601 bytes)

Yashica Electro

Zeiss Ikon Contaflex

ZenithCometCamera.jpg (35438 bytes)

Zenith Comet Camera

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