Marcy's Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius Camera Review!

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    The shape of the Jimmy Neutron Camera gives it the ability to be useful for many different applications. It takes good pictures but I like it anyway. It accepts 35mm film.

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There's a little indent where you pry up with your fingernail to open the front of the camera.


Slide the slider in the direction of the arrow and pry the back open with your fingernail (again, the fingernail) to load the film.


You turn the red ring to advance the film. You press the black dome and turn the red ring in the direction indicated to rewind the film after exposure. [How do you know I used the stupid set-up of an umbrella & a soft box to take this shot? Speaking of which - those Popcorn Factory catalogs...they're notorious for gear reflection in their product shots. Anyone else notice that?]

The film counter window. It's tiny.

Phil Arney, who I seem to have lost contact with (hint, hint), gave this camera to me. He got it for $1.99 at a Value Village. I know that because he left the price tag on it. I put it through its paces. The camera ran smoothly, in the most exciting manner.

Doesn't this look like lunar lander shots? It's a deer track in mud.


Stonehenge Memorial near Wishram, WA.

Hey! Lens flare! Now we're getting somewhere!



WW1 gun emplacement


Mmmm...HJ likes Edgar.


Zillah, WA

Zillah, WA

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