Marcy's Marksman Camera Review:

I think I found this camera on eF**k. It (hereinafter described as "faceplate") arrived from Canada, in its crusty little box, with another camera that is nearly an exact duplicate (hereinafter described as "no-faceplate"), but has no faceplate. The cameras are nearly identical expect no-faceplate has a clip that latches the back door shut. Faceplate has no clip. The film holders require 620 film spools. Takes 8, 6x9 images per roll. Faceplate says "Made in Canada for Bernard Marks & Co."

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The box's box.

The box had "Irene Toth -est. bought early 1940's" scrawled in pen on the bottom.

I like the final note on the box, "and remember* The Marksman takes as good a picture as the finest and most expensive camera made."


The camera that came with the Marksman.


McKeown's PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE AND CLASSIC CAMERAS 2001-2002 states, "Marksman Six-20 [mine doesn't say six-20 on it] Metal box camera, 6x9cm. $1 - 10."

Doesn't say anything about being made in Canada.

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