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Marcy's Minox B Experience:

I'm attracted to small shiny objects. I think that why I like this camera so much. Mike Levy, author of SELECTING AND USING CLASSIC CAMERAS  sent me this little Minox. I guess he thought that I needed to tech-up my life a bit.

Wrestlemania in Seattle.

Seems more stuff is said about these submini cameras than is done with them. I've decided to keep it simple and post more pictures than words. One thing I believe about submini camera collectors is that they tend to have more than one type of camera. They seem to have one manufacturer's entire line of cameras ... then another manufacturer's line ... then yet another manufacturer's copies of either. Gadgety things, these Minox's. Well, gadgety is as gadgety does.

Here are some pictures taken with the Minox B:

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It's fun, thinking up places to the Minox. I've already snuck him into the women's dressing room.


Here's something to get off on; you can watch the viewfinder move, correcting for parallax, as you rotate the focus dial.


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