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Marcy's Petri FT 1000 Camera Review:

About once a year I get a hair and host a theme party. This year's theme was the 70's. A local costume shop owner brought racks of clothes and we had a fashion show, played records (lp's) and [some of us] drank too much punch. I decorated the place in 70's cameras and those giant wooden forks and spoons, which I'm now collecting by the way. It was easy to come up with cameras for that party. Next year's party, if it's not a Donner Party, will be a white trash party. What better camera to represent white trash than the Petri?

    This particular FT 1000 was picked up at a yard sale along with a case, a nondescript Fuji point 'n shoot and a small electronic flash for $5. It's in fabulous condition except for a couple of minor cosmetic issues. The film rewind knob is bent and the advance lever is missing its cap. There's that, and the fact that the camera doesn't work very well. The 55mm 1.8 lens is clear and stops down well. Sometimes the mirror hangs up & anything below 1/60 acts like B. Probably just from lack of use. Some day I may fix it, but for now I'll use it as it is. Big and clunky, just like a first-timer's camera ought to be, the Petri FT 1000 reminds me of my white trash upbringing.

That Donner Party is going to be tougher to swallow camera-wise. Since they were travelers, maybe the Kodak Tourist or Pho-Tak Traveler 120? The Vagabond? I know what I'll serve though - finger foods!

A coupla my buds.

It's December at the beach. What more does a girl need? A couple of photo mags, a glass of wine, tsunami warning apparatus and the latest copy of McKeown's (for emergencies).


Since the flash sync didn't work, I used B setting and held the shutter open while I tripped the flash and shut off the hot water with my toe.

McKeown's PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CAMERAS 2001 - 2002 states, "Petri FT 1000 - 1976. Successor to the FTX. Cloth focal plane shutter B, 1-1000. Auto Petri f1.9/55mm lens, M-42 mount. Also sold as Carena SLH 1000 and Foto-Quelle Revueflex TTL. $60-90."

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