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"The Silver Nitrate Queen: More a legend than a matriarch."

"Nikon shooters- ... a flinty, hard-bitten, hard-boiled, no-nonsense lot.." -PHOTO TECHNIQUES Nov/Dec 1997

My life has been filled with a constant passion for making photographs.

Born in Flint, Michigan in 1960 (when it was famous for its auto industry rather than the home of Michael Moore - though I love Michael Moore, don't get me wrong).  I was raised in Ortonville, a small town founded by Amos Orton on the outskirts of Pontiac, Michigan. The daughter of a professional artist and a mail order entrepreneur who once sold electronic mosquito repellers and wingless fruit flies, I began taking pictures as a child with a Kodak Instamatic.

In 1978, I moved to Seattle. I pierced my nose 20 years before it was cool. It took me 18 years to get from Ortonville to Tokeland. I don't plan to leave anytime soon. I live with two cats named Lampo Ben and Cousin Pat, a husband named Bob and ... I'm going to dispel the biggest rumor of all here ... my dog isn't purebred. She's a shepherd / corgi mix named Heidi Jane.

There's quite a variety of photographic interests to be found on this site. My passion floats from one to the other. I'll immerse myself in liquid emulsion for a month, then find myself frolicking in a sea of Pintoids the next. All the while, running my little portrait business and happy to be doing it.

I'm almost six feet tall and could use to take a couple pounds off my butt.

Bob is ten years older than I am, which is good because I need his maturity to balance my own lack of it. I'm consistently making snide remarks, which was my downfall in prior relationships, but Bob's got a hearing impairment so he's oblivious to it.

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Artist’s Statement:

A few years ago I realized that making pretty pictures came very easily to me. What came hard were the "swimmers". Those are the images that pull the soul inside the frame and take it for a passionate swan dive. They're the response evokers, the story tellers, and become, at times, the wide open windows to a wry humor. Because they hold such a personal meaning for me, they're an uncanny reflection of my personality. In the end, they convey my message and tell the tale to others.