The Great Pintoid Adventure:

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Pintoids are pinhole cameras made from Altoid containers. A piece of pop culture transformed into something useful. An instrument to view the world with a dry, distorted, sense of humor. They tend to create curiously strong images.

The Great Pintoid Adventure is a continuing journey. This first series represents a trip I took with my dog across the northern plains to the north shore of Lake Superior. Imperfections in the negative come from loading film at a campsite each night using a dark bag. Both hands in a dark bag, loading cameras ... and it was mosquito season.

Click on any image for a larger view:

Beauty Creek, ID.


Mission at Cataldo, ID.

Near the geographic center of North America.

Bismarck, ND.

The Finn House, Minnesota


Near Billings, MT.

Forsythe, MT.


Forsythe, MT.

Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, Montana:


Malta, MT.

Geese in flight sculpture, North Dakota.




Not magnetic rock. Minn.

Montana roadside.


Palace Arms. Bismarck, ND.


Elma, WA

Sunflowers, MN.

Split Rock Lighthouse, MN.

Split Rock Lighthouse, MN.


This second series is from a road trip to New Mexico. It was going to be to the Alamo, but we didn't make it that far. Roswell, NM was close enough.

Cpt. Robert Gray. Garibaldi, OR.


Cheese factory, Tillamook, OR

Washburne State park, OR.


Golden Bluffs. Redwoods, CA.

Lake Haven Resort. Clear Lake, CA.


Redwoods, CA.

London Bridge. Lake Havasu City, AZ


Picacho, AZ


Picacho, AZ.

Reid Park. Tucson, AZ.

Reid Park. Tucson, AZ.


UFO Museum. Roswell, NM.

Alien autopsy. Roswell, NM.


Underground cafeteria. Carlsbad Caverns, NM.

Bottomless Lakes State Park, NM.

Smiling Faces Cafe. Las Vegas, NM.


Smiling Faces Cafe


Late night laundrymat. Las Vegas, NM.

Old Fort Union Nat'l Monument. Valmora, CO.


Bill Cody's Grave, CO.

Hot Lake Resort. Near La Grande, OR.


Hot Lake Resort


Rainbow Falls, WA.

Rainbow Falls, WA.

Below are three examples of prints that were displayed at "BARBIE @ BUMBERSHOOT", AUGUST 27 - SEPTEMBER 2, 2002.


Click on any image for a larger view:



More  Pintoid Barbies: These were taken with a multiple-holed Pintoid I call a "multitoid" (say it fast).

4x5 Pintoid work.


Remember those posters that you stare at? They look like abstract designs? You're supposed to relax your eyes and then a 3-D image will appear. (It only worked once for me.) Anyway, the above image looks to me like one of those posters.


More fun with Spytoids (the tiny tin):

Taken with a Spytoid.


When I first glanced at this negative, a childhood memory popped into my head. I was taking a short cut through a field of grass and suddenly came upon a big ball of snakes. This image was taken with an average size Pintoid on 35mm film.


Info on the cameras:

A view inside a nine-holed Pintoid.

The nine-holer's shutter.

The holes for multiple-holed cameras were made with my dog's acupuncture needles. They're too small for a single-holed Pintoid, unless it's a Spytoid. I've found that an acupuncture needle can be used time and again with consistent results.


My next hole making experience will be with porcupine quills.

I've found a lot of dead stuff on the beach over the years. I bring it home if I think that I may want to use it some day. Seal skulls, elk toes... I've got a cormorant skeleton. The porcupine washed up a couple of months ago. 

Pintoid varieties; average Pintoid, Spytoid, Multitoid, Lovetoid and Ǜbertoid (4x5).

I soldered a couple of metal strips inside the Ǜbertoid. I did a poor job of it, but it holds the 4x5 film in place. Also, the camera has three pinholes in it. During one exposure, I can choose to use one, two or all three of the holes.

The Adventure continues:

My 2001 Christmas card, taken with an 11- holed Pintoid.


Some scum-sucking-low-life abandoned this car on the beach. I attached a Pintoid to the interior with a rubber band.

Elma fair.


Another view of the Grays Harbor County Fair in Elma.

3-holed Pintoid.

Elma, again.

So far I've had three shows with the Pintoids. The first show (a solo show) included images from the first Pintoid Adventure (the one to Lake Superior). It was in Seattle during September of 2001. The second chance I had to show my Pintoids was during Bumbershoot 2002 in Seattle. Four Barbie Pintoids  were displayed at Barbies @ Bumbershoot. The third show was in South Bend, WA in 2005.

You can purchase a Pintoid pinhole camera for yourself!

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