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Marcy's Porst happy experience:

This camera was sent to me all the way from Germany. I was so excited to receive it! It's nearly exactly like a Diana ... with only a few small major differences.

First the similarities:

1.) 120 film.

2.) The lens focuses like a Diana's lens, with the different increments read in feet.

3.) The lens aperture is set like a Diana's, with the little pictures of clouds and sun.

4.) The way the back unlatches and falls away from the camera body.

5.) The Diana DNA is revealed in the film advance knob's graphics. Same same.

6.) Light leaks.


1.) Focus seems to work.

2.) There's an absolutely silly selenium cell attached to the front corner. It's not simply stamped into the plastic. It's attached to the body using a little silver frame. They probably would have gone through less trouble installing an actual meter.

The hot shoe is hot. It fires the flash but, as I sadly found, it doesn't sync. My set was missing the original flash and I used an electronic version. The original flash must somehow accept a bulb? I don't know. The picture of the flash (Blitzgerät) doesn't look like a bulbed flash.

Anyway, I was happy to receive the camera and eager to use it! I tore open the box to find ... SHIT!... The instructions are in German! How am I going to figure it out?????? This "Komplette Photoaustrüstung"? I took German in high school (taught by Herr Werner, who was bald so we called him Hairless Vernor), but did it do me any good? I still have some of the instruction book memorized, but would it help me to hail a cab in Munich?  Nope. So, I decided to just wing it. In a moment of sheer desperation I stuck a roll of Porta 160 NC (Professional, by the way) in there and went for it. Not too bad 'cept for the light leaks. Then I decided to try out some C41 black and white film that the film supply place gave to me for free. 400 speed Kodak (Professional, by the way).

I place this first because the guy on the lower deck has the most Godawful comb-over job!


Ghostly light leaks.


Deck of the Columbia Gorge Sternwheeler.

This was supposed to turn out differently. It was supposed to have some fill flash that was supposed to illuminate the street sign which reads, "REAL SHORT RD."

Carson Mineral Hot Springs Resort.

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