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Marcy's Reliance Camera Review:

Just last week, I was wondering around town, waiting for some work to be done on the Jeep. Decided to blow some time in Clevenger's junk store. I'll bet I hadn't been in there for about a year and a half. They usually have a pile of junk cameras halfway toward the back of the store. Clevenger's is the kind of place where you can buy cheap tools, Army surplus, a case of those frogs that "rivit" when you walk by, used file cabinets, antique replica furniture and 'homemade' fudge. This day I found a Reliance Camera ... a Diana "clone"... for $3.50.

Refrigerators dumped at Washaway Beach.

Looks like a miniature model, but it's Ocean Shores from the air.


Long exposure of a campfire.

Campfire again.

Looking straight down at the waves below, The vignetting is actually the edges of the photo port in the plane.



The camera has a "Super lens Model 711". Doesn't that sound lucky? It gives a really soft glow to the whites. The camera takes 120 film. I notice there's no ratchety sound and the film winds really loose. But I'm sort of under the impression that that's the way it was made. Reliance... yeah... I feel it.

The lovely plastic case.

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