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Marcy's Rolls Camera Review:

A pretty typical plastic half-frame camera that accepts 127 film. Manufactured by the Rolls Camera Mfg. Co. Chicago, ILL. Hard plastic, not squishy plastic like a Photo Master. There's a button on the side that releases the back. The lens says "ROLLAX 50 mm". The take-up winder winds with a really loud "clickita, clickita" noise.

Even though it's listed in the Junk Store Camera FAQ's , folks still ask where they can find 127 film. It's available at Free Style Photo or Film For Classics . Keep in mind, the fun doesn't stop there. You gotta think about where you're going to have the film processed. I process my own film because I love to do it. I visit my local darkroom supply not simply for supplies, but for the fun banter and general socializing that goes on there as well. Some folks go out dancin', I go to the darkroom supply to make the scene. That is, unless the quiet guy is there. Why, just the other day I was there. It's a long drive and I was looking forward to catching up on what everyone's been doing. I walked in and there was the quiet guy. No one else was around. This meant no happy chatter. No laughter. No free supplies... I placed my chemicals, etc on the counter. He began to add each item to my account. So quiet ... I asked, "How're you doin'?" He just kind of grunted. The air conditioning whirred ... my fingernails tapped on the counter ... he entered items into the computer. Just him on one side and me on the other and my stuff on the counter. Suddenly I thought of something real funny to say! I blurted out, "Hey! I think there's chemistry between us!"


Anyway, the Rolls photos:

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McKeown's PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CAMERAS states, "Rolls -c1939. Bakelite novelty camera for half-frame 127. Various body and nameplate styles. $1-10."

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