Marcy's WWF Slam Cam Review:

A digital camera made in China by Toymax. If this isnít about the stupidest camera ...

Stupid thing #1: It takes one of those square 9 volt batteries, and batteries arenít included. When I got it home and saw the deficiency... well ... you know thereís only ONE place where a 9 volt battery can be found in the home. So, I climbed up to the ceiling to remove it from the smoke detector. Guess what? There wasnít one in there. I ended up buying a two pack, so donít worry about me.

Anyway, stupid thing #2: It makes more noise than a video game. It "dings" when you take a picture. It "honks" when it doesnít take a picture. It doesnít tell you why it canít take the picture, it just makes the noise. Then, when the memory is full (which is about five images ), it makes a "clang, clang, clang" sound like a bell at the end of a wrestling bout. You know how when you replace the battery in your smoke detector? You know how it bleeps for about five seconds after the new battery is installed? Well, thatís 18 times less annoying than the sounds this camera makes.

Stupid thing #3: Itís got a fake viewfinder. WHAT does it need a fake viewfinder for when right next to it is a real viewfinder? It doesnít even pretend to have a flash.

Stupid thing #4: The software that comes with the camera makes just as much noise. A guy who sounds just like a ring announcer starts telling you all the neat things you can do with this fabulous camera and software (Photosuite. But they call it Photo Slam). It gets old after about the eighth time youíve opened the program. I can still hear him now, "Do cool things with your photos! ..." Oh yeah! And every time you click on anything it makes an animated noise. Of course. Wanna hear the camera? I made a couple of movies ... Slam Cam movie1 Slam Cam movie 2

Stupid thing #5: The least of this cameras worries, as far as Iím concerned, is the fact that it doesnít actually work. You get, like I said before, about five images until you have to go dump them into your computer (through a serial port, by the way - 1999 technology). Expect at least two of the five images to be corrupted. Iíve also found that unless I squeeze the camera while downloading the images, the download wonít even occur.

Stupid thing #6: It doesnít take photos in low light. It simply refuses. "HONK!" it says. So, why does it have a tripod mount? I guess thatís so you can use the self timer. You can bet that self timer sounds like a video arcade.

Stupid thing # 7: The kit retails for $74.99 at Kay-Bee. The person who gave it to me bought it for the marked down price of $9.99. If you bought this thing at $74.99 wouldnít you expect it to at least have a built in flash? Oh - And we havenít even gotten to the pictures yet...

Stupid thing #8; the pictures:

Click on any image for a larger view:


The clipart does rock. Posters, calendars, greeting cards. All with your favorite WWF superstars. Only problem is, you canít really use the program to do cut outs like it shows in the promotional pictures on the packaging. Note my attempts to pit my dog against my cat in the wrestling ring, at right. I suppose a person could start with a different camera and different software, then use the Slam Cam software for its clipart ... but I wouldnít pay $74.99 just for that.

Stupid thing #8 : Major parallax problem.


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