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Marcy's Smena 8m Camera Review:

    I got this camera from a guy in Texas. [and he writes, "I do think the correct statement should be: I got this camera from an incredibly handsome, charming, suave, debonair, and from what I've heard extremely well endowed guy in Texas (and girls over 35 - HE'S SINGLE!!!!!!!!!!)" His words. Not mine.] I already had one that I'd bought in Maine, but it couldn't fire a flash. This one can.

    This one came with a leather strap. This plastic camera has absolutely no weight to it. The strap is all scrunched up. You put the strap around your neck and, since the camera has no weight, and the strap has been scrunched for over 15 years ... you look like a dork. The strap doesn't stretch out. The camera doesn't "hang" like it should. I might as well walk around with masking tape on my glasses frames! Speaking of which...a fabulous segue! I recently had lasik eye surgery! No more corrective lenses for me, you buncha FOUR EYES!

    The Smena's a little plastic 35mm commie camera. It focuses down to about a meter. The lens has shutter speed settings from "B" to 1/250th. There are corresponding animated settings along the top of the lens ring as well. The first depicts a cloud, with rain drops coming out of it. This is apparently 1/15th. The next image is a cloud...then ... the next image....well, it's a mystery. It's got a cloud, but there are lines through it. It can't be "partly cloudy" since the next picture is obviously partly cloudy. Hmm... Maybe they have different weather beyond the iron curtain? Okay. Then there's sunny.

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My first Smena 8M wouldn't trip the flash, so I had to wing it.

The very day I had the surgery. They make you leave the place with these stupid old lady glaucoma safety sunglasses.  I couldn't get anyone to take pictures during the surgery.

Here I am, tripped out on valium . They tape these plastic things they call "paddles" over your eyes after the surgery. You have to wear them for 24 hours, then every night for a week or so.

This second Smena can trip lights....proven here, at Holly's house.


Heidi Jane, learning to swim. Don't most animals fold their ears back?

Love the little tower-like logo!

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