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Marcy's Thunderbird Camera Review:

    The Thunderbird Camera... named after "The American Classic". Long after receiving this camera, I happened into a small fortune of c41 127 size film. Thought I'd blast a roll through the Thunderbird. I was shocked to find that this camera expressed itself in true form as a pillar of visual culture! The images! After the photo lab gave me the processing for free (yet another mistaken idea that the pictures didn't "come out", see terms and definitions ) I had a revelation about this camera ... it can only see life as if from a park bench-morning-after episode. Honest to God. Check it out. I love these images!

My favorite T-bird image. It's a building that actually sits in the water in a river in Aberdeen.

This is from the other side of the building...there's one of those rotating train bridges in the background. Now, if I'd taken this with a Nikon, I wouldn't have to explain to you exactly what it is that you're looking at. That's the fun of it!

Friends in the park...the view from the bench.

The stats: accepts 127 size roll film. 12 square exposures. Completely plastic. It's just like the Mark XII and I can tell that Herbert George is most likely the father. In fact, the Thunderbird camera is just like a lot of plastic cameras that are named after cars. I wonder why this one is named after a brand of fortified wine?

This camera holds hope and I think I may muck around with it a bit ... possibly put it on a twelve step program.

On a different note...can anyone in the world tell me where Kurt Cobain's bridge is? I receive calls from far away places... "I'm going to be in Aberdeen a year from next August and I want to hire you take my picture under Kurt Cobain's bridge." I thought I might be the only one who doesn't know which bridge this is... there are a ton of bridges in Aberdeen and Hoquiam. But, while I was at the lab (getting my film processed for free) a couple from out of town stopped to ask where the Kurt Cobain bridge is. Hah! The lab rat didn't know! So..........?

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