The U Build Pocket Camera Kit!


    Here's a challenge! A friend of mine gave me two of these kits. They supposedly come with "all parts needed to assemble..." Well, they forgot one thing. The instructions. So I had this idea. If I paired up with someone who's smarter than me, maybe we can get this thing built? Whadya say? You want to take this puppy on? One kit is going up for auction on eBay beginning Sunday, November 21, 2010 at 6PM. It'll be up for a week. You win it? We'll sit down, you at your place, me at mine, and work on it together. A great winter project! Or perhaps you might want to buy it for a friend? What a great gift! An "easy-to-build camera" kit with no instructions!

Click on any image for a larger view.

The camera takes great pictures because remember, it's not the photographer, it's the camera.


Got a cool little screwdriver anyway.

See that girl hiding behind the "i" and the "l"? She looks to me to have been photographed using flash. This camera has no flash. I think that picture is a bit misleading.

All parts ... but no instructions.


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