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Marcy's Wardette 120 Box Camera review:

When I was 16, a friend and I wanted to take a road trip. Her dad wouldn't let us take my Chevelle until I bought new tires so we went to the Montgomery Wards in the Pontiac Mall and I bought the cheapest set of tires they stocked. Good memories.

Anyway, this camera's a typical box camera. I like the patriotic theme, with those stars across the top of the faceplate and the stripes down the sides. It's got "i" and "b" settings. It's also got these little metal buttons on the sides that you depress. You can then pull the camera open to load the film. It takes 8, 6x9 exposures on 120 film. There are two viewfinders, one on the top for vertical shots and one on the side for horizontal. It didn't do well at all with the product photography. Performed okay with figure stuff.

traaaagicallllly serious on New Year's Eve.

McKEOWN'S PRICE GUIDE TO ANTIQUE & CLASSIC CAMERAS 2001-2001 states, "Wardette - Metal box cameras made for Wards by Bilora. Similar to Bilora Stahlbox (1952) with sync. Model 1 (c1954) has flash sync on right hand side. Model II (1955) has flash sync on top. $1 -10."

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Here's a Sears Tower box camera that's exactly like the Wardette!

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