WPPD 2005

SOUTH BEND, WA is the place to be!


In celebration of World Pinhole Photography Day!

Six pinhole photographers will exhibit their work.

April 7th - May 6th (Hey! That's NOW!)

Artist's reception: Thursday, April 7th from 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Click here for photos & cool movies of the show!

Marcy Merrill, Tokeland, WA

Katharine Thayer, Seaview, WA

Diana Bloomfield, Raleigh, NC

James M Surprenant, Manville, RI

David Clarridge, Seattle, WA

John Meek, Edmonds, WA

Sandra's Art & Frame is located in the historic Transfer Building in South Bend. The address is 116 Alder. The warehouse is located 1 block off of Highway 101.


Tuesday - Friday 10-5

Saturday 10-3

For more information email marcy@merrillphoto.com or call: (360)267-1036

Sandra's Art & Frame: (360)875-4050

Visit the Camera Obscura!


Click on any image for a larger view:

This is the warehouse which is to become WPPD 2005's Pinhole Central. This is the view from the south side, looking north.


View of the warehouse from street level, west side, looking east.

The Camera Obscura in its very early stages.

Here are some pinhole images I've taken around South Bend:

A Pintoid Sour image of South Bend's Methodist Church.


On the Willapa River in South Bend.

An Arghole image.

Pacific County seat.

A waterfall at the courthouse.

South Bend is approximately 2 1/2 hours from Seattle. Located in the very corner of southwest Washington, Highway 101 runs through the town on its way to the coast. While you're here, you can take a drive down to Astoria, Oregon where you can purchase items at Costco without having to pay sales tax.

The Willapa Heritage Foundation (a local foundation dedicated to the arts) has graciously provided funding for things such as postcard printing and mailing, supplies to build the camera obscura, & food for the opening.

For more information on the surrounding area please visit www.visit.willapabay.org

For more information on Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day please visit www.pinholeday.org

Any questions? Please contact me!


On May 6th, I'm holding a workshop for the Raymond School District. 32 (THIRTY TWO!) Sixth graders will be at Sandra's warehouse! I plan to provide them each with a Pintoid camera to use during the workshop. They will use it to take a picture on photo paper ... then we'll develop it. If anyone feels the urge to give me a hand during the workshop, that'd be dandy! The reason I'm taking all thirty two students all at once is due to the fact that they only have one bus. 

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, April 24, 2005!

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