In conjunction with Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2009:

Blight up your life! Join me in Urban Blight! Bring your pinhole cameras to Aberdeen, WA. on April 26, 2009. We'll meet at Billie's Restaurant on Heron St. at 11:00 AM.

I'm bringing the Pintoids, my Arghole (#2) and most likely some other stuff. I figure we can cruise around town, shooting graffiti alley (I think it's still there), maybe some cool bridge stuff? Maybe go back to Billie's afterward -or Stiffy's - depends on the age group. I'll keep the info updated here but you can also check the Merrill Photography Facebook page for up to-the-second updates!

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Okay... it's done. And what fun we had!


Here are the results:

The group shot with the Can-o-rama:

Click on any image for a larger view:

Wil's cardboard camera images:


Erika's images:

The square shots are Lil' Prick pinholes and the rectangular shots are Arghole.


Marcy's Pintoid images:

Erika & Wil, pinholing.


The end of the day.

Marcy's Carcam: