200 Things – a Washaway Beach album

Pinniped fossil.

Cool and crazy stuff washes up on our beach all the time. I’m lucky to have the opportunity to document the things I see. On my [almost] daily walks with my dog[s], I never EXPECT to find anything. Some days I don’t find much of anything. Then, one day there’ll be a concrete foot.

(Said concrete foot.)

Our local Minit Market used to have a reader board that said, “It’s not the end of the world, but you can see it from here.” Living near the fastest eroding beach on the west coast, things not only wash in with the tide, they also tend to emerge from the cliffs.
(Standing on the open beach, my gps shows streets that no longer exist.)

Not everything is dead. But a lot of it sure is.


I’ve put together a couple of hardbound books with photos of things found here on this beach. The first book I titled “200 THINGS”. The second volume is titled “ANOTHER 200 THINGS”. Right now, I’m putting together a third volume whose title will be ….drumroll….. “YET ANOTHER 200 THINGS”.

UPDATE: 04-07-20:  I’ve taken the cream of the crop and published a book! Take a look by clicking on this link!  Yup. You can buy it!

You can view hundreds more images, more than you’d ever care to view (I know this sentence makes it seem so interesting), on my Facebook page. It’s on my personal page – Marcy Merrill