I first thought this GAP camera could possibly be a relative of the Goldy as in”Goldstein A P”, or something like that. But it’s not. At least I can’t verify my suspicion. I traded it from this guy:


At the Paris flea market: Another C3 trade – looking to spread world peace. Hope … it’s all we have.

It’s functional but in super funky shape. It’s got “P” / Pose , same as “B” / Bulb and “i” / Instant[ané].

 If you believe what you read on the internet, it was manufactured in 1942.


I loaded her up with some really fresh 120 film!


I developed this old Panatomic-x in D76, stock, for 5 minutes. The  images aren’t too sharp but then neither am I.



Same door, different light.


This camera contributed to my refrigerator photo project which is located in my blog. It’s an ongoing thing. The page has a password (“Polly”) to protect it as it would really upset my neighbors if anyone actually read it.


With an eye on turning the camera into a beaded wonder with a Paris cemetery theme, I began to peel the leatherette away. What the hell?


Underneath the leatherette was some old type.


No clue as to why.


Could it be some sort of message?


I considered leaving it like this because it looks really cool. But … nah. I ground it off.

If you’re interested in a basic tutorial regarding box cameras please visit my Box Camera Basics page.




Bob thinks it would make a good prop for a rat rod. I’m still gonna gala-fy it though.


Tinkering around with Sculpy.


Possibilities. Or, maybe “Pour ceux qui vivent dans la chambre noire, la lumière inactinique brille.” Even better!


I’ll post pics when the cemetery camera is finished. Gotta come up with a good name. Camèra Lachaise? Ha!

And here it is:

Père Lumière

A common phrase on Victorian era tombstones is something along the lines of, “For those who live in darkness, the light shines.” I changed this to “For those who work in the darkroom, the safelight shines.” I think. My French kind of sucks. So, hopefully that’s what it says.


The glass finial with the crosses on it was found in a local river. I think it’s from a vintage bottle of holy water.



The bottom. Growing vines.





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  1. How wonderful – your junk store adventures continue to make me smile.
    Thanks for this and keep up the good fight, Marcy.
    (I esp. love the fridge photo – I need to check out the frige project next).

  2. I love it! I left cameras all over Alaska last year and got a few in trade as well. Your stories are so good and make me want to travel more and more. I have loved Junk Store Cameras since day 1 and will be a fan for life!

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