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  1. Try FPP’s ECN-2 kit. Works well with C-41 and if you ever have any ECN film you won’t have to get different chemicals. Plus it might even work with C-22 film (I need to do more experimenting here) so long as you do it cold, though I suppose you could use cold C-41 too. Also, I too have a relative who has cut me out of his life. I hope you work it out someday.

    1. Mark: Thanks so much! I will absolutely try FPP’s ECN-2. I’ve seen some results from folks who have tried C-22 development using Rodinal. It’s a weird monotone, but there is an image. -Marcy

  2. I really enjoyed this whole saga. Neighborhood drama fascinates me. Thanks for sharing! Love the photos too!

    1. Jodi: The refrigerator stands tall. It’s a tribute to art and community, that fridge. One neighbor, oblivious. Causing several neighbors emotional pain …. and giving them something to talk about. -MM

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