National Geographic Binocular Camera

My friend, Phil, gave me this camera. I was shocked he could bring himself to part with it! He spent $2.99 at Value Village (unless the discounted color that day was blue, which is a good possibility). They actually work as binoculars! Granted, they aren’t very good, but I’m not necessarily an avid birder or anything like that. This plastic camera two exposures per frame on 35mm film, so don’t put a 36 exposure roll through it. It’ll take FOREVER to get through it.



Since I didn’t have any natives of Papua New Guinea to photograph, I took my National Geographic Binocular camera to Banks Lake in north central Washington. It’s a giant lake in the desert and I love it there – except for the crazy-loud boats. Here are some shots:

Click on any image for a larger view:

Took the bird dog and the camera out birdin’.

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