World’s Fair

Kodak World’s Fair Flash Camera:

The graphics and space-age design are truly out of this world!

Oh man! How I have missed the “pop …fizz” of flashbulbs! 2 AA’s and a few AG1B’s later, I’m sated.

Manufactured in 1964-65 specifically to commemorate the New York World’s Fair, this little plastic number shoots 12 square images on 127 roll film. Use a penny to loosen the access screw on the back of the flash. This gives you access to the battery compartment. If it’s not filled with green gunk, place two AA batteries inside per the graphics and you’re in business.

The access screw.

At the bottom of the camera is a slider that has “open” and “close” settings. Slide that little sucker to the right to open. You gotta wiggle the back a bit, but it’s not too tough to work it off.

The bottom of the camera.

I put some Rerapan 400 (It’s January) in it and ventured out for a good time. I developed the film in Acufine and had some agitation issues. I mean with the film development. The results were kinda splotchy – totally my fault. The camera functioned like a dream straight outa the 1960’s – except for one thing. There’s no double exposure prevention. And I screwed up a shot. Even though I blew 2 bulbs on the mistake, we all enjoyed the pop-fizz and that whiff of burning dust.

Yeah, umm, I don’t think Kathryn is quite that short.


At the Westport Aquarium. I was out of bulbs so I placed the camera firmly on the counter and pressed the shutter button five times to photograph this whale skeleton which is in the process of being rearticulated.


Tracie at PAWS. [The splotchies.]
Living room jam session.



Westport Winery.



Metal Marcy


The 1964-65 New York World’s Fair!



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