Auto Flash Super 44

One day in an effort to promote world peace through junk store cameras, to lighten my load and to possibly get a little run in, I took a short train ride from our Airbnb rental ( a converted garage) into Brighton, England. I ended up lessening my load by one camera, then adding three, then drinking beer instead of running. All in all, a good day! One of the trio I picked up that day was this Agilux Autoflash Super 44 – a big name for this little plastic camera. Made in England by Aeronautical and General Instruments Co. (AGI), its mid-century modern sidereal splendor attracted me with a cosmic pull I hadn’t felt in light years.

Immerse yourself in the starry glow of the cosmic faceplate. Conjuring memories of the camera’s space age roots.
There’s a hard plastic cap, strung onto the strap, which snaps onto the front.
It says ASA and BS but it’s just an ISO dial. There’s an actual selenium cell that sets the exposure. You can also set your own aperture with a slider located below the lens. My camera is missing the flash port cover.

I’m finally abandoning my denial and admitting it: I have horrible technical problems with 127. Using film that’s expired 57 years ago doesn’t help, but I also think there’s something inherently wrong with 127 spools. They are simply light-leakers and that’s that.

A picture of a bridge.
I wanna show this bloody Brit a good time. Heading out to see America!


Playing poker with the locals in Fenton, MI. Totally digging the jackets!


Corn Palace, Mitchell, SD.


Petoskey State Park, MI.


Black Hills National Cemetery, SD.


Apsaalooke , Crow Agency, Montana. (Reloaded 35mm Tri-x.)


Columbia River Gorge. Near Vantage, WA. (Reloaded 35mm Tri-x.)


Redwoods National Forest, CA. (Reloaded 35mm Tri-x.)


Olympic Peninsula, WA (Reloaded 35mm Tri-x.)


Trump junk.
I rarely stop at roadside repulsions. I much prefer attractions. When you’re promoting world peace – even if merely via the only avenue you know, which for me is junk store cameras – you gotta view the train wreck. Evidently that Agilux wasn’t in the same “frame” of mind. It cut the guy off. (I stopped to take a picture, my friend couldn’t EVEN.) This photo was taken in the very same town in which I received a note on my car windshield:
There was a Maserati parked nearby which evidently didn’t deserve this person’s wrath. No note on their windshield. Seems to me, while Pearl Harbor was under attack Italy didn’t have the sweetest ruler in charge. But ya know … Oh and for what it’s worth, my car was assembled in Ohio.


My boy AT HOME!

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