This is a page for my Minox experiences.

The Minox B is arguably the most-dropped camera of all time. That’s the first thing I did after taking it out of the box. It’s the first thing the next person did after I handed it to them. I need to get another Minox repaired and when I Google “Minox Repair” the first thing that pops up in my search is “I dropped my Minox B…”

Marcy’s Minox B Experience:

 I’m attracted to small, shiny objects. I think that’s why I like this camera so much. Mike Levy, author of SELECTING AND USING CLASSIC CAMERAS  sent me this little Minox B. I guess he thought that I needed to tech-up my life a bit.

My first Minox was the “B” that Mike Levy sent me. Sadly, Mike Levy passed in 2011.

Photos from the Minox B:


Wrestlemania 19   











My second Minox Experience had to do with my Uncle Bill. He disappeared under somewhat mysterious circumstances in 1958. Years and years later, my Uncle Bill’s younger brother – I call him “Uncle John” sent me a couple of my long-disappeared-under-mysterious-circumstances Uncle Bill’s cameras. There had been whispers -rustlings in the leaves of the family tree – my uncle may have turned spy. Inside the box my Uncle John sent was an entire Minox set in the Minox flash attachment box. I laughed right out loud when I saw it. The quintessential cliché 1950s SPY CAMERA! The camera is a III-s and the shutter needs repair. I spent the next five years periodically asking around about Minox repair. I’d set it down. I’d pick it up. Then I’d ask around again. I’m unsure if DAG Camera is still a viable repair service? The internet also mentioned Blaser Group in Texas. The lady who answered the phone at Blaser Group explained to me that my camera is no longer under warranty and that they no longer have repair parts. [Ya think?] “I don’t recommend sending it.” I said Minox she corrected me, “You mean MInOX?”.  [*If you’re looking to repair your Minox, bear with me.]

After five years of picking it up and putting it down, one night I dripped some lighter fluid into it. I let it sit. I picked it up – it went “click”. Wait … What? I did it again. Nothing was really happening, but something SOMETHING had budged. I put more lighter fluid into it. Something definitely was clicking! Then the worst thing happened and everything fell apart and now there’s a piece of metal in the viewfinder. *

Minox III set my uncle left behind.


The glue fail on this dial appears to be a thing. as the only other flash attachment I found had the same affliction.


Hmmm. that flash attachment might be a bit of a giveaway.


The box that it came in.


There’s this thing in the viewfinder.


Once I broke the camera, I really broke it.


Closed, the camera looks fine.

My third Minox experience involves my friend Philip. Philip passed away this year due to cancer. We won’t talk about that right now. Before he passed, he asked me to come and get his camera collection. In one of the many boxes was one filled with a variety of Minox cameras.

So now I’ve got the III, more B’s than you can shake a stick at, a C , a butt-wad of attachments, a Minox daylight developing tank (with instructions I might actually read), and even an EC. There was a pile of film and some batteries. The best part: There’s a B with partially exposed film in it! (And, yes, I opened the film compartment before I checked. ARGH!) The B with film in it came with a very well made leather holster style case for the camera and flash attachment. When I put it on my belt I look like I’m packin’.

Quality handmade leather case.


I’m finishing off the roll of film. Meanwhile – isn’t it cute?

Stay tuned for the results from the exposed film.

Inside this case are two B instruction manuals. If there were a stack of them, then I’d have enough. But I still won’t read them.

I now have more Minoxes than I really need.

A swarm of B’s!


A few more Minox things included in Philip’s collection.



Hmmm… the thermometer is missing and I think that’s how you agitate it.

*That III-s though. The one my uncle-who-disappeared-under-mysterious-circumstances had owned? It calls to me. I emailed DAG. I received an answer the same day! I will report back one way or the other. Let’s see what happens, eh? The answer might even make this page worthwhile.

12-16-22: The Minox III-s is being shipped to Wisconsin.

01-04-2023: I received an email today! “Marcy: your Minox camera is ready- Repair #43041- Minox lll-s camera- replaced damaged shutter parts, cleaned, lubed, & adjusted for good working order” It was signed by Don. They accept checks and Paypal. I Paypal’d them today. So… 19 days after I shipped it, the camera is on it’s way back to me.

01-08-2023: The Minox III-s is home. It looks good. The invoice states, “cleaned, lubed, & adjusted for good working order. There was a lot wrong with the shutter system, only setting that does not work is the “T” setting. I cleaned the viewfinder as best as possible, this finder unit is no longer available”. I don’t mind that “T” isn’t working, as “B” seems to work fine.  The viewfinder is clear. I’m sure I paid more ($135) than the camera is worth, but it means something to me.

The next time Scott’s Cheap Flights alerts me to a great fare to the Bahamas, I’m going. I’m going to bring this camera and visit the places my long-disappeared-under-mysterious-circumstances Uncle Bill was last seen.

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