I did not realize, when I began this 100 day camera review journey, that I would be sent down so many different avenues of inspiration. There was a time when I processed so much film, I simply glanced at the negatives, chose a few to print or scan, then filed them. Delving into these file cabinets has turned up what I consider to be a treasure trove of images I completely forgot about! Well ok, most of it probably should be discarded,┬ábut there’s stuff in here … I’m, like, “Why the hell┬ádid I discard that?”

Then there’s this gown thing. For some reason, in updating the camera reviews, I began photographing myself with the cameras. Now, my reviews are beginning to morph into #formalwearworninappropriately . It’s like having one of those dreams that mixes all parts of your life into one movie. You wake up and ask, “What the fuck?”
It is my hope that the camera reviews are accepted in the spirit in which they are given. It’s sort of a blog – sort of an informative submittal – sort of a presentation of information. Information that’s useless yet vital at the same time. Most of us do not need to learn how to load an Ansco box camera … but some of us have been searching the ‘net for hours and we really DO!

I’ve been working my ass off, building pages for the new Junk Store Cameras website. What’s holding up the launch is my web developers. They aren’t exactly balls of fire those two.

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  1. Hang in there Marcy. You have provided the interwebs with a ton of camera content…and I am sure you will find a way forward to provide another treasure trove of knowledge. Let me know if I can help out in any way.

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