Dog Friendly Venues

The magazines are out! 

I spent quite some time working on this one. Dog friendly venues! Straight up my alley. Over a period of a couple of months, I traveled up and down the Grays Harbor area and surrounds, taking dog pics like a fiend. Congrats to those who ended up in the bit. So sorry to those that got bumped. I didn’t have the final say and I submitted quite a few photos that didn’t end up in the article. I will share some here. But first …. some crappy snaps of a couple of pages. You’re going to have to grab a copy (available a lot of places, but for sure at the Daily World office) for yourself.

I’m very sorry if you were interviewed by me and you don’t see your pics in here. Like I said, not my call. But HERE are some submitted pics that didn’t make the cut:


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