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So my friend said, “You should blog about some of these studio updates you’re doing.” And I said, “My blog! Holy shit! My blog! I forgot all about it!”

Here’s an update:

I decided to redo my hallway, the entry to my studio, and make it into a space where I can display my river finds.
I’m still working on it and figuring out the displays. Lots of shadow boxes appear to be where I’m heading.
Vintage work boots in shadow boxes.
The confessional was moved and shelving with LED lights added up high. I also showed it some love, adding vintage river glass as a decorative centerpiece at the top of the confessional.
I bolted empty, vintage frames to the wall. It needed some color, so I made a mosaic with river china pieces inside. That’s a dolphin skull hanging there right now.

A couple of months ago, the hot water tank went out. It’s in the back of the darkroom. We had to take a wall out to get it out of there. Since we had to do that, we might as well update some stuff, right? We moved a wall to make the room larger.

Larger area.

Instead of a new tank we put in one of those on-demand water heaters. I highly recommend it! It’s a tiny little thing and it works great! I got new counters, new sink, new shelves, new paint … all either re-purposed or reused. I’m tall, but those counters we originally installed were super high. The new counters and lowered a few inches. I tiled the in-between area with china shards I found in the river.

New sign for the darkroom door. I wanted to get one of those old fashioned light-up “darkroom in use” signs, but I came across this instead.
Nothing much has changed in the shooting area.

Really, it crossed my mind to tidy up. But I’m happiest when I have projects spread out everywhere. It looks like clutter but it really is organized chaos. (It’s really clutter.)
Light-lab area.
Same. Same.
Come here… Look at this over here! If you know me, you know I like to “mudlurk” in our local waterways. It’s like mudlarking on the Thames, only I do it here at home. One type of item those Thames mudlarkers are always finding are old clay pipes. When I was back in Michigan, cleaning out my folks’ house, I found …
… vintage clay pipes from Holland IN MY MOM’S CLOSET! WTF? They were in a box high up and had been there a while and were pretty much un-explainable.
The examples (above) are more representative of the types of smoking items I find in our local rivers. I tried to tumble a crack pipe, but it disintegrated. These are fodder for a shadow box.

I have two photo projects in the works right now, aside from the personal projects. I’m shooting a story for the spring issue of a magazine. (It’s has to do with dogs.) I’m also photographing a group of works for Judith Altruda . Judith is researching and writing about local artist and tribal member, Eugene Landry’s work. (For now, that link goes to a Facebook page. I’ll try to remember to change it to www.eugenelandry.com once that site is up and running.)

CyClick parts, etc.
I was gifted this cool plaque. A new addition to the entry.


Hard at work in the darkroom.

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  1. You know…I rarely dress in backless dress ware in my dark room…however…seeing you has totally changed my mind. News at 11………

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