Fun stuff! Respites.

In a month bestrewed with medical appointments (instead of gown shoots in Europe … fingernails tapping on a glass tabletop …) It’s making me wonder, what do people do who actually have time to do stuff? Like, I set aside this time to be away but now I’m home and when I feel good, I can do stuff. My plants were supposed to be dead now. Well, they kind of are dead, but that’s beside the point. So here’s some stuff I’m doing:

Bob & I reconnaissanced (I don’t think that’s a word but I like it)  an area about an hour south of here, thinking it would be a good spot for eclipse-ness. It was! A radar station, abandoned years ago. SNQ_4857



Next on the list, after deciding what gowns were in order, was to select photo gear. Two days before the eclipse while I was lolling about in bed, a package arrived. In it? The Just Ducky camera! A surprise from an internet friend I’ve never met, Kent N. from Miami, FL. Kent has sent some nifty cams to me on more than one occasion but this one, arriving exactly when it did was PERFECT! The very essence of scientific engineering which I would need to capture this major event! (I haven’t developed the film yet but will post it when I do.)





On eclipse day, we met up with a few awesome folks up at Radar Ridge above Naselle, WA for the 2017 Eclipse. The lovely Kat Bryant from The Daily World joined us, as did the ravishing Erin Moreno ( #rockett88designs ) .



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