World Peace through Junk Store Cameras

Originally posted Sept 6, 2018.

Ari Sigvaldason, shown here with my Gala Edition Hawkeye camera and his book REYKJAVIK. At Fotografi in Reykjavik.

When folks ask, “How was your trip?” Where do I start? Where do I even begin? So I say, “Oh it was good … Fun.”  We touched down at Heathrow. The customs agent at Heathrow asked me where we were headed and since I didn’t know I asked him where he’d go if he had a rail pass? He said, “I’d go as far north as I could possibly go. Northern Scotland.” I said, “Well, that’s what we’ll do then.”  I want to tell that customs guy that THAT’S exactly what we did.

We took the Tube into London and stayed at an over-priced hellhole beside Hyde Park for a few days. Then we headed north. As far north as we could go.  Mostly Airbnb’ing it, we met so many great people and saw so many cool things. (Oh it was good … Fun. ) I’d brought three US made junk store cameras to leave behind. The first I left behind was an Imperial Delta . I put a note inside with info about my “project” – world peace, and some technical note about the camera (“technical” is stretching it in regards to the Delta). I left it at a charity shop (that’s what they call thrift shops over there) in England. I felt like I was tossing a message in a bottle. Haven’t heard anything back about that camera yet. These cameras are my family, so I hope to hear something soon. The second camera, the Argus C3, I left in Brighton with Mr. Magpie . He gave me a Purma Special in return!

Fun times in London.


Taking pictures of what other people take pictures of.


The trio on the train, in anticipation of the fun trip that lies ahead!


The Delta 127, loaded with 35mm film. Hyde Park


Argus C3, Brighton Pier, England.


Argus C3, Weymouth, England.


Imperial Delta. Dundee, Scotland


Imperial Delta. Clan Gunn, Scottish Highlands.


The Argus C3 and Mr. Magpie.


The charity shop where I left the Imperial Delta. Good luck, friend!


Bob, enjoying Brighton.


(A pinhole photo of me & pinhole photographer Howard Arthur Mosier.)  In Largs, I received a message “What are you doing in my neighborhood?”   I can now say I have personally met a master of pinhole photography! Me and Howard Arthur Mosier! (He took this pinhole shot.)


So much more to say about the UK, maybe later. After spending a few weeks there, we went to Iceland. We rented a car. Here are few random Iceland shots:

An Icelandic trafiic jam.


Working dogs on an Icelandic sheep farm.


Everyone raises horses.


An Icelandic princess models Judith Altruda jewelry at a horse and egg farm.


Icelandic beach.


Flateyri, in the Westfjords.


Old whale fat rendering chimney


I still had the Gala Edition Kodak Brownie Hawkeye to disburse and bring about world peace. Here are some fun shots taken with this particular camera. I’d flipped the lens so it renders images that have distorted edges and a central sweet spot.

Largs, Scotland. Taken with the Brownie Hawkeye Gala Edition.
Largs, Scotland. Taken with the Brownie Hawkeye Gala Edition.


Ices. Largs, Scotland


Largs, Scotland.
Largs, Scotland.
Largs, Scotland.
Largs, Scotland.


Weymouth, England.
Weymouth, England.


The Gala Hawkeye ended up with Ari Sigvaldason who gave me his wonderful book of photographs. Fotografi, Reykjavik, Iceland


“Mt Fuji” at Fotografi in Reykjavik.


Dundee, Scotland

Fotografi in Reykjavik. What a shop! I knew right away that this was the perfect next home for the Gala Edition Hawkeye. From the funky music, to the display of junk store cameras, to the wonderful photography of Ari Sigvaldason … took my breath away.

He immediately put the camera in a prime spot in the front window. “This isn’t original?” he asked, running his fingers over the iridescent purple beads. Perfect end to a pretty perfect trip. That was my summer.

I figured I’d better put together a post about this past summer’s trip before I start talking about this fall’s trip. So I did that (see above) and now let’s move forward:

I’m heading out, I think it’s going to be on September 18th-ish. I’ve mentioned it before. Remember? The Element? That place in Wyoming?  I wanna go there again when they’re open. Little Missouri Gallery in Alzada, Wyoming. Anyone know if they’re still open ever? Anyway, I’ve got to select some junk store cameras to bring along to leave behind (kinda funny, that choice of words). Maybe some Galas? Going east …

It’ll be good … You know, fun.

I’m taking the cameras I acquired in England around the PNW. Seeing the sites. Here, the Agilux Autoflash Super 44 and I are exploring the rainforest in the Olympic National Forest.

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