I finally figured out what I want to do with my life! I’m mixing my love of alternative photography with my love for the river mud and turning it into pieces I’ve [somewhat embarrassingly] tagged #detritusredefined . I leave these pieces in off the wall places. A rusty exhibition of sorts. (You can click on the images for a larger view.)

This is an image of a handcrafted art piece made with a photograph, sewn into leather and other things found in our local rivers.
A photograph, sewn to a piece of leather found in a local river. Copper wire and a bird skull complete the piece.


The same piece, hung. Left behind for another to enjoy. Or not.

Here are some more #detritusredefined pieces:

A wind-slide exhibit:


A viewer:

Here are some river-found bottles that I “impregnated” with my images.

A rusty tin:


Deranged Robin with river finds:

Coming soon to a tree, an alleyway, or some other spot near you!

Wetplate collodion and river finds:

I’ll update as I place these items.