Those who decide to leave and those who just … leave.

This year I’ve continued the daunting task of creating world peace through Junk Store Cameras. Have you noticed a difference yet? [You’re welcome.] Now that I’m retired I have more time for it. So I guess you can expect more peace is on the way.

In Portugal, I left a C3 with these yay-hoos:


Yay-hoos at Feira Da Ladra, Lisbon.

I took a few cameras to western New York.

Oh! But while I was there I left a camera at the old Film For Classics place in Honeoye Falls.

Dick Haviliand had encouraged me those many years ago. I wanted him to have a Gala camera.

THIS camera, as a matter of fact.

Though they weren’t home when I left the camera, Dick & Joan called me later. They are two of the most incredibly generous folks I know.

Then, I took a few cameras to Peru. A few months back my dear friend asked me to come get his camera collection. His cancer treatments weren’t working any more. He passed away while I was in Peru.  I was using his converted pinhole camera (in which he had left a partially exposed roll of film.) I’ve got a lot more to say about him and his collection, but I can’t quite do that yet.

Philip’s pinhole camera at Machu Picchu.

I’m working on updating my old Minox page. Originally it had the only Minox I possessed – a “B” that my friend Mike Levy had given to me. Mike left us in 2011 but I will always remember his unique insight and humor. I plan to add not only the cameras from my very recently departed friend (the friend who modified the pinhole camera – above), but also a Minox set I obtained a while back. It had belonged to my Uncle Bill, who disappeared under weird circumstances in 1958. I never met him, but I certainly appreciate having a few of his cameras.

Minox III set my uncle left behind.


Last and kind of [very] least: The KOA Happy Camper Camera review is up!

One Happy Camper!



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