Oh boy!

1960s Fotron Camera, photographed in 1960s style.

I’m, like, so happy right now! I’ve been scratching my spinning head over creation of the new junkstorecameras.com web site. The camera reviews… they’re SO vital to our advancement as a species. But that dang menu issue… well… I’m pleased to announce that it’s cleared up! Menus are working. The site is functioning. Life is good. It may not be perfect [like, not everything works on a mobile device]. But, if the junkstorecameras were perfect, they wouldn’t be right. Perfection just isn’t THEM. Go ahead and take a look-see and tell me what you think. Seriously … you can comment on the camera reviews. I welcome all comments. Even (and especially) the nasty ones. Junkestorecameras.com aspires to bring about world peace. World peace through camera reviews. Really .. it’s a thing!

I’m mostly adding new reviews but the plan is to also update original Junkstorecamera reviews as time allows. I counted, and as of this typing, I believe I have about 105 more reviews to go before I catch up to the old junkstorecameras web site.

A smattering of sample images:

Just adorable! I’m really pleased with the patches I received.

By the way… I recently purchased the most adorable woven badges from Custom Couture Label Company. Like, MERIT badges! Honestly, you can earn merit badges while perusing the junkstorecameras web site.

These are woven sew-on patches. Let me know … which would you prefer: sew on or iron on? The first … uh … however-many people to comment on the new site might possibly receive merit badges. Super cute, mint green, sew-on patches.

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  1. I am so happy for you…the new site is amazing! I am so effing proud to call you my friend…you brought the cameras that nobody loved to a new status…that of cameras that make images…for better or worse..they record an image…and that is the whole idea. Marcy…you are my hero!

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